LCC Live Studio Performance & Interview

LCC Radio & LCC TV have just released their latest season of Grand River Studio Sessions on Youtube – you can watch my segment here!

Thanks again to LCC Radio & LCC TV for the opportunity to showcase and document my work. Everyone on the team did an excellent job putting this together!

Official Album Release Date!

After years of writing and performing songs, a few days of studio time, and a whoooooole lot of procrastination, I am thrilled to announce an official release date for my first full length album! On Tuesday, November 11th, This Too Shall Pass will be available for purchase.
If you’re in Lansing that evening, join me at Dagwood’s for a drink, some Open Mic, and a chance to get a copy of the CD. If you’re not around, you will still be able to listen to/download the album on Bandcamp. I’ve also created a page on my website just for the album, where you’ll be able to find lyrics and some additional writing* about the making of This Too Shall Pass. (*Explanation of album art, sources of musical inspiration, my songwriting process, whatever else I decide to write about… feel free to email me with questions, too!)

Looking forward to sharing the album with you all!


It’s Cover Time!

This summer I had the pleasure of playing 3 gigs sponsored by The Great Lakes Collective at the Waterfront Bar & Grill. (Thanks again to everyone who showed up – you were a lot of fun to play for!) The 2-hr. sets gave me the incentive to work on more cover songs. Today I decided to record a handful of them for my Youtube channel. Go on and give ’em a listen!


May All Your Light Dreams Come True

Last year I found out that the magical elves in the shop at Impression 5 (Lansing’s own hands-on Science Center) were working on a wall-sized “Lite-Brite” for their upcoming exhibit on light and color: Spectrum. The Light Mosaic is now complete with 2,100 plexiglass pegs that can each be turned in their sockets to form an array of colors. (Way to take my favorite childhood toy to the next level! I am continually astounded by the I5 staff – their imaginations when it comes to brainstorming exhibits AND their ability to execute their ideas.)  You can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to create a light image on-site.

Impression 5 Light Mosaic
Light Mosaic Design “Grand Haven” by Abbey Hoffman (installed with help from John Voss)

Impression 5 is currently closed for renovations, but the center will reopen on September 23rd. Be sure to stop by and see what you can create!

Since we’re talking about I5, I would like to thank Steven Valenziano, Dereck Perkins, and anyone else whose work contributed to making one of my long-standing dreams come true. What’s that, you ask? Ever since I finished my Sharpie Designs in 2012, I imagined an exhibit in which they were backlit. I proposed this idea to Steven back in January, and he was on board from the start. Here are two (of the 8) drawings, all lit up and perrrrdy. (Also… framed to be circles, which I LOVE!)

Seeing them made me feel like a proud mama watching my baby perform onstage for the first time (or… what I imagine that would feel like, anyway). 🙂


The First of the Month

How is it already August 2014?!? Here’s a short video for the occasion.
The title is in reference to a comic my dad told me about. In the comic, an artist is sitting at his blank canvas while the landlord is knocking at his door saying, “Rent is due, Art Boy!” with the caption “The Reality of Muse.”

Have I mentioned that I recorded my first studio album? Production is still in progress, but it’s on its way! Stay tuned.  🙂