Isabela Unplugged Demo

Isabela Unplugged is a limited edition demo CD with 5 tracks composed, performed*, recorded, and produced by Abbey Hoffman and released on September 7th, 2012.  All songs are works in progress as recorded in Isabela, Puerto Rico in February and March of 2012.  A digital copy of the album was released on on Sept. 16th, 2012.  You can download it for FREE here:

(click for lyrics)
1.  All I Know
2.  Fly Away
3.  Shotgun
4.  Summer Abroad
5.  Welcome

+  The cover of the demo is an image from Daily Drawing #48: A Parting Gift
+  Isabela Unplugged is a limited edition of 25 custom created CDs.

Many thanks to the Misla family, for opening your homes and hearts to me in Puerto Rico (especially Titi Rosa and Carmen for letting Melissa and me use your houses as our studios!) and to Matthew Dae Smith, for your excellent printing services and assistance in CD art (and home-grown tomatoes).  This album would not have been possible without your generosity.


*Nelfer Hernandez plays lead guitar on Shotgun