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There’s a little bit of Jesus stuck in my teeth
Right in the back where I can’t reach
People praisin’ all around me but I can’t get in
They’re singin’ about glory and his triumph over sin
Oh Lord, have mercy on me

I’ve had my morning coffee, but I can’t wake up
And you know I only came so you could fill my cup
They’re sayin’ somethin’ ’bout your blood in this here goblet of wine
If I forgive my brother’s sin then you’ll forgive mine
Oh Lord, have mercy on me

Sittin’ Sunday mornin’ in the house of the Lord
Well, I can’t remember when I’ve been so bored
I’d like to blame the church, like I have nothing to give
Just showin’ up to criticize your wife and kids
Oh Lord, have mercy on me

Now I don’t wanna be a pastor, but I love to preach
I’ll pick apart the message, tell you how it’s supposed to be
Sittin’ ’round this banquet table talkin’ like I know it all
Well, pride is gonna get ’cause it comes before the fall
Oh Lord, have mercy on me